Layered Models

  • OSI Reference Mode

  • Application Layer, Presentation Layer

  • Session Layer, Transport Layer

  • Network Layer, Datalink Layer, Physical Layer

  • Cisco Three-Layer Model.


  • Introduction to TCP/IP

  • Transport Layer Protocols (TCP, UDP)

  • Internet Layer Protocols (IP, ICMP, ARP)

IP Addressing

  • IP Addressing Classes

  • Subnet Masks and Subnetting

  • Complex Subnet &Supernetting

  • Determining Broadcast & Network Address.

Configuring a Router

  • Starting up with a Router and Switch

  • Booting a Router and setup mode

  • The Command-line Interface

  • Passwords and Line Console Commands

  • Interface Configuration setting

  • Verifying & Debugging the Configuration.

Building a Network

  • Configuring a Router and Switch

  • Verifying Configuration and Duplex Settings

  • Continued Router Configuration

  • Continued Switch Configuration.

Managing CISCO in an Internetwork

  • Backing up and restoring startup configuration and IOS

  • Booting IOS from TFTP Server

  • Cisco Discovery Protocol

  • Ping and Trace

  • Understanding configuration register

  • Recovering the password.

IP Routing

  • Routing Basics

  • Managing static and Dynamic Routes

  • Configuring static IP Routing

  • Configuring Dynamic IP routing using RIP, IGRP

  • Managing and configuring OSPF & EIGRP

  • Avoiding Routing loops using split horizon, route poisoning.


  • Bridging versus switching

  • Working concept of Switch

  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

  • LAN Switch Types.

Virtual LANs

  • VLAN membership

  • VLAN Configuration and VTP

  • Assigning Ports

  • Perform LAN and VLAN troubleshooting.

Access Lists

  • Access Lists Commands

  • Standard IP Access List

  • Wildcard Cards Implementing an Access List

  • Extended Access Lists

  • Securing a Network Site with Access list.


  • WAN Connection Types ISDN, X.25, Leased line and Frame-Relay

  • Connection protocols


  • Frame Relay configuration

  • Subinterfaces in Frame-Relay

  • Troubleshooting and Debugging Tools