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Admission Guidance

Unisol was established in the year 2001, having strong fundamentals in enterprise solutions, Corporate training, IT training, and Placements. Unisol has trained thousands of students in various fields for enabling the students to mark a pride place in highly competitive global economy. Unisol Fruition now has the main education center in Mysore and Bangalore capable of handling 300 students with an alumni base of 2000 + professionals. As an IT training company, we have built innovative learning solutions on a framework of cutting-edge R&D, robust methodology, and high quality education delivery. Unisol is association with Robokraft and Topcolleges for all above programs.


Unisol is recognized as one of the best training center by the education institutes, Universities and corporate companies. The institute was rewarded several times for the efforts. The award highlights the Excellence in training and placements. We are conducted more than 50 seminars/workshops in a year for various engineering colleges, universities and corporate sectors on emerging trends in information technology.

We offer the best Placement and IT training for all our courses which will help you step into MNCs and Top Corporate. We have listed the courses and trainings which are being the need for different companies due to rapid technology shift. Few are courses act as a base foundation and rest of them are technologies being actively utilized than conventional ones.

We are also associated with various agents for direct admission in Mysore, Bangalore and also have online team to support all our candidates to communicate directly with us, irrespective of their geographical locations. Once a query or interest has been shown by a candidate we respond them then and there through best possible mode of telephone, sms or mail. So being at your local physical area, we can provide all the support & information, with selected list of colleges offering the courses, with their affiliations, placement results and facilities etc. We help you out on the admissions to minimize your time and effort with best possible way.

We also provide Project Internship for Final Year Students

Internship facilitates student learning opportunities outside the classroom. Students with internship experience are significantly more likely to get hired after college than peers lacking internship experience. These experiences provide the opportunity to apply classroom theory to "real world" situations thus enhancing the students' academic and career goals. Internship experience which is relevant to the degree program pursuing and doing intern with multiple companies will add more credibility to your resume and when you are in front of hiring managers for an interview. An internship provides a glimpse into what the work is like and Internships also provide real-life exposure to the work world and business which will help discover to either continue or you change directions if needed. , most internships train college students on-the-job and provide a fantastic learning experience for them to build their confidence. Internships allow students to connect with professionals that are involved in similar work. It’s important to build your professional network. These connections can be very important as a fresher when looking for a job and will also get a professional reference for future.

Tailored Courses/Workshops for Specific Engineering Departments

Computer/Information Science and Engineering/Masters in Computer Application

We have listed the courses and trainings which are being the need for different companies due to rapid technology shift. Few are courses act as a base foundation and rest of them are technologies being actively utilized than conventional ones.

  • 1. Analysis and Design of Algorithms
  • 2. Languages: (Coders Pack)
    • • NodeJS
    • • Python
    • • Java
    • • C/C++
  • 3. Web Technologies
    • • HTML5 JavaScript CSS PHP
    • • Mean Stack (Mongo Express Angular and NodeJS)
  • 4. Mobile Development
    • • React Native/Ionic/Native Script for iOS and Android
    • • Native Android Development with Android Studio
  • 5. Databases
    • • MongoDB
    • • PostgreSQL
    • • MYSQL
  • 5. Cloud Technology
    • • Introduction to AWS/Azure/GCP
    • • Scaling, DNS Routing and SQS Equivalent
  • 5. Databases
    • • MongoDB
    • • PostgreSQL
    • • MYSQL
  • 6. Security
    • • Cryptography and SSO Paradigms

Mechanical/Mechatronics/Industrial Production and Engineering

  • • CATIA
  • • Ansys
  • • Industrial Robotics and CNC
  • • Heating and Refrigeration
  • • PLC and SCADA

Electronics and Communication/Electrical and Electronics/Mechatronics Engineering

  • 1. Robotics
    • • Intro to Robotics and Its Applications (Implementation)
    • • Building of Firefighting Robot with Wireless XY Targeting
    • • Industrial Robotics
  • 2. SBC Development
    • • Building Low Cost and Power Efficient Automation Controllers
    • • Linux development with Server/Desktop Mode
  • 3. Internet of Things
    • • Communication Protocols such as MQTT, XMPP, COAP, WebSocket
    • • Building Complete IoT Stack
    • • Building Universal IoT Gateway
    • • Mobile Phone Development using Frugal Methods
  • 4. Programming Languages
    • • Embedded C
    • • Lua/JavaScript
    • • Python/ Micro Python


The delivery method for this program will be a combination of the following

  • • Trainer Led - Content/Concepts are presented and explained by the trainer in a lecture-based approach
  • • Role Plays- Participants will be put in situations Role plays to practice and experience the learning real time.
  • • Python/ Micro Python
  • • Audio- Visual Aids are used for reinforcement and to build insight, in order to create impact and references for the participants.
  • • Activities - Participants will take part in in-class activities facilitated by the trainer, which will reinforce learning points and provide the participants experiential learning.
  • • Workouts - Participants will engage in written workouts to create personal awareness, planning and insights regarding the subject, which is led by the trainer.